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Virtuix Omni

Virtuix Shows Modified Omni to Allow Crouching

Virtuix has confirmed that it has developed a modified version of its Omni platform that allows players to crouch while using the omni directional motion control device. The company confirmed as much to VRFocus, revealing that the modified kit had been developed as a university project and that it could perhaps become available to consumers in the future.

VirtuixOmni_2An image of this version of the device, seen above, recently popped up on Facebook, as pointed out to VRFocus by reader Ben Drake. Virtuix CEO and founder Jan Goetgeluk also confirmed its existence.

“As part of an R&D project with Rice University in Houston, we built a support structure that allows the support ring to move up and down with the user, enabling crouching with the Omni,” Goetgeluk explained. “This is especially important for military training applications. In the future, we might offer this support structure to consumers as an upgrade to the standard Omni.”

The Omni is designed for use with VR titles, allowing users to walk and turn in any direction whilst wearing an Oculus Rift VR headset. The original model does recognise jumps, but doesn’t support crouching of any kind. The kit is due to ship to Kickstarter backers and those with an early pre-order in July 2014, with later orders following in September. VRFocus will continue to follow the device’s progress leading up to launch and report back with all the latest.

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