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VR FPS Geocore Launches Steam Greenlight Campaign

Indie developer Anarchy Interactive has launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for its upcoming first person shooter (FPS) experience, Geocore. The developer hopes to secure enough positive votes to get the title approved for sale on Valve’s digital store. At the same time, Anarchy Interative has confirmed that the title will feature support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset.

Geocore_1Geocore is an FPS in which players command a ship in an underground complex. The title features 6 degrees of freedom, meaning players can effectively fly around the environment as they battle malfunctioning machines and robots. Enemies drop upgrades that you can apply to your ship. The developer is yet to receive an Oculus Rift developer kit, but has promised that support will be included.

The title will feature a single-player mode as well as multiplayer options including Free for All and Capture the Flag matches. It also features an Arena mode in which players protect a group of NPCs whilst attacking the opposition’s group and a Juggernaut mode in which players try to take down a more powerful human player.

Anarchy Interactive hopes to release Geocore in Summer 2015. Beta testing and an Early Access release are also on the roadmap, though these are simply listed as ‘coming soon’ on the Greenlight page. VRFocus will continue to follow the title’s progress and report back with all the latest.

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  1. Unless there’s a significant improvement in graphics, gameplay AND the website, this game will not go anywhere.

    This thing is a dead horse in a derby that started long ago.

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