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VR Interacive Graphic Novel IDNA Releases Early Version

Indie developer apelab has released a unique new virtual reality (VR) interactive experience onto the official Oculus VR Share Beta. The team has launched an early prototype of its upcoming interactive VR sci-fi graphic novel IDNA, compatible with the Oculus Rift headset. This early look is available to download for free on PC and Mac for anyone with a headset to take a look at.


IDNA is described as a ‘dystopic science fiction series’ which will be released over the course of 6 different episodes. It is designed so that the story adapts to how much the user is focusing on certain angles or characters, creating multiple branching paths. Scenes in the story feature a panoramic 360 degree view, with users able to look around as the story progresses. The storyline is set after 2040 in a world in which humans can store files in their DNA molecules and climate change has ravaged much of the earth.

The prototype on offer gives us a short glimpse at what’s to come from IDNA, taking place in ‘Land 01’ before the story itself actually begins. The experience doesn’t require any controllers, although the developer does stress that it’s better to view the experience either standing up or sitting on a rotating chair. This particular piece has two different branching paths.

IDNA recently failed to achieve a Kickstarter funding goal of $80,000 USD. The developers stated that the project will continue, with an official trailer release in July.

VRFocus will continue to follow IDNA’s progress and report back with any more details.

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