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More VR Titles Heading to PAX East

Two more virtual reality (VR) compatible titles have been confirmed for show at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts next week. Steampunk sports title Vertiginous Golf and surreal music experience SoundSelf will both be on display at show, which runs from 11th – 13th April. Both titles feature support for the Oculus Rift VR headset.

VGolf_1Developer Kinelco & Lone Elk Creative’s Vertiginous Golf is planned for a full launch later in 2014 but is currently available on Steam’s Early Access program. It’s a first-person experience playing on inventive mini-golf courses. Meanwhile, SoundSelf has been Greenlit on Steam and is based around sensory exploration, with each playthrough being unique.

Both titles will be available to play on the Indie Minibooth at the show next week. Other VR experiences include Enemy Starfighter on the Megabooth and Darknet also at the Minibooth. VRFocus will continue to report on any and all VR experiences going forward.

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