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Darknet screenshot

Darknet Developer Details Story, Progression System

E McNeill, the developer behind the upcoming virtual reality (VR) exclusive title Darknet has spoken about the title’s progression system and the possibility of a story-based campaign. McNeill revealed new information about the Oculus Rift title during an Ask My Anything session on Reddit earlier this week, stating that the experience will have ‘story elements’ embedded within the ‘endless game’.


Speaking about the progression system, McNeill stated that players would earn money for completing hacks. That money can then be used to buy abilities early on in the title that will become essential later on, as well as new difficulty levels. A skill rating system will also be in place, allowing more advanced players to unlock harder levels of difficulty. It was also revealed that other hidden secrets could be found, though only ‘expert players’ would likely ever discover them. McNeill is also ‘experimenting’ with a metagame in which players gradually push corporations and governments off of the internet.

With regards to the story, McNeill said that he was more concerned with the likes of context and world-building as opposed to telling a direct narrative, though he is only just starting to turn his attention to this part of the title. He reasoned that Darknet was more focused on mechanics over story, but understood the need for a theme to capture the title’s appeal.

McNeill also said that he would be implementing positional tracking for the Oculus Rift’s second developer kit (DK2) when it arrived. Darknet is expected to launch with the consumer version of the headset. VRFocus will continue to follow the title’s progress and report back with all the latest.

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