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EA ‘Eager to See’ How Oculus Rift Evolves

Videogame publisher EA has revealed that it is ‘eager to see’ how the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset evolves in the coming years, but can’t commit to producing content for it yet. Company CEO Andrew Wilson said as much in a post-earning financial call this week, calling the work done by headset makers Oculus VR ‘amazing’, but stressing the need for an ‘attractive install base’ before investing in the device.


“Oculus VR has done an amazing job in the realm of virtual reality,” Wilson said, as reported by GameSpot. “We’re eager to see how the headset evolves over the coming years,” Wilson said. “For us, we’re always cognizant of immersive technologies and new opportunities. And with every new technology, it’s important for us to be sure that there will be an attractive install base before investing heavily. But [Oculus VR is] certainly making strong progress.”

The comment is similar to that of other large scale videogame publishers such as Ubisoft, which previously confirmed that it would need to see sales of 1 million units from VR headsets before it became a viable development platform. Both Oculus VR and Project Morpheus headset makers Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) have said big publishers are harder to convince on VR than indie developers.

It also rules out much chance of EA announcing anything for VR headsets at this year’s E3, running from 10th – 12th June. VRFocus will be at the show to report on any companies that will support VR.

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