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Fire Panda Details First Full VR Title, Decay Theory

Indie developer Fire Panda has detailed its first full virtual reality (VR) exclusive videogame, Decay Theory. The developer’s Nick Pittom confirmed the project during a recent Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, noting that it would be a ‘big, original’ title as opposed to the VR adaptions of scenes from Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro that the developer is currently known for.


Decay Theory is described as a story driven sci-fi VR videogame. Pittom is currently writing the narrative for the experience as well as working with a concept artist who Pittom reveals has started ‘working up some first ideas’. It will be an adventure title with an emphasis on dialogue with NPCs as well on action. That said, Pittom stated that the title wouldn’t use any ‘crazy ‘action’ sequences’ or use shooting, but did say that it would be exciting.

The title is set far into the future in which human galactic civilisation has been torn apart and will be set on a Ring World. It will have both multiple playthrough paths and endings. In terms of engines, Pittom said that he hadn’t decided on how to develop the title yet, stating that he was yet to try out Unreal Engine 4 and was a fan of the Unity Engine 4. The final decision will come down ‘to what produces the best result’.

The art style is said to be close to that of the developer’s Studio Ghibli projects, though aiming to be more unique. Pittom also revealed that he is planning a Kickstarter campaign for the title, but didn’t reveal when such a campaign would launch. Specifically which VR headset Decay Theory would use wasn’t mentioned, though it’s likely to be the Oculus Rift which Pittom used in his other projects.

VRFocus will continue to follow Decay Theory‘s progress and report back with all the latest updates.

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