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Fire Panda Talks Studio Ghibli, Why VR & the Future

The term ‘passion’ is thrown around a lot in this industry. It may refer to a team of dedicated developers that push themselves to the limit to achieve the very best results or perhaps a loyal fan base that evangelises a particular videogame with unwavering commitment. Or it could simply refer to a creative individual that’s bursting with positive energy not only for his own work but the the potential for the industry around him. You don’t have to talk to Fire Panda’s  Nick Pittom for long to realise he is one of those people.

This is a big week for Pittom as he releases his second virtual reality (VR) project based on a scene from one of celebrated anime company Studio Ghibli’s films. The first, taken from the boiler room scene in Spirited Away, created quite a buzz in the VR community with its intricately crafted cel-shaded visuals and spritely recreation of characters. This week Pittom hopes to delight fans once more with a VR recreation of the bus stop scene from 1988’s My Neighbour Totoro. VRFocus recently got the chance to chat with the developer about his work, the appeal of Studio Ghibli, and what the future might hold.

In the interview above Pittom talks about his hopes for the newly-established Fire Panda as well as dropping a few hints about the project that will likely become Decay Theory. This marks the first of two discussions, the second detailing the VR industry itself. VRFocus will deliver that talk at a later date. For now, we hand you over to Pittom.

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