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The Gallery, Loading Human positioned as VR’s ‘Killer Apps’ – Sixense CEO

Sixense CEO Amir Rubin has labelled virtual reality (VR) videogames The Gallery: Six Elements and Loading Human as potential killer apps for the technology. Rubin said as much speaking at a panel on VR’s adoption over the next 5 years, held this week at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) Conference & Expo in Mountain View, California. Both titles are set to support the Oculus Rift VR headset as Sixense’s STEM motion controller.


“There’s two games out there,” Rubin said when asked about possible killers apps for VR. “The number 1 game out there which I will get, positioned to be a killer app or at least a way to present the experience of VR is The Gallery: Six Elements.”

The Gallery: Six Elements is developed by Cloudhead Games. It is a first-person adventure title in which players explore a supernatural setting, solving puzzles and challenges. “It’s already working on the stand you should be able to tell what it could be and what it will be when it’s released,” Rubin said.

“But then there’s a Kickstarter right now which I urge you all to support, it’s a game called Loading Human. It’s a great team out of Italy, and look at the video that they released today, again using the STEM. And look at the exdperience that they are presenting I believe that, again, that is positioned to be a killer app.”

Developed by Untold Games, Loading Human is another first-person title in which players explore the memory fragments of its protagonist, named Prometheus. It uses the STEM controller to let players pick up and interact with a large range of objects from books to glasses and records. It’s Kickstarter campaign has almost reached the $30,000 USD goal. A PlayStation 4 version of the title with support for the Project Morpheus VR headset is also possible.

“Starting with those 2 we have potential,” Rubin concluded.

Both titles are heading for PC. VRFocus will continue to follow them and all over VR projects, bringing you the latest.

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