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GameFace Mark 5 to be Revealed June 10th

GameFace Labs, the company behind the GameFace Android-based wireless virtual reality (VR) headset, has confirmed that it will debut its Mark V prototype on 10th June 2014 at E3 in Los Angeles, California. Company CEO Edward Mason confirmed as much speaking to VRFocus at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) Conference & Expo last week. The company had previously confirmed it would show the device at the show, but now there’s a specific date attached to its first look.


The next version of the GameFace headset, which only recently inserted a 2.5K screen, will be the first to include Nvidia’s powerful Tegra K1 chip, said to be around one and a half times more powerful than a PlayStation 3. The new device also boasts a new design, outward-facing camera, custom lenses and a range of micro-USB and HDMI ports. The latter will allow for projecting the headset’s display onto a TV and even let it be used as a simple Android console.

The device’s camera has the potential to be used to sense a user’s hands for input, though don’t expect to see this in the current version of the prototype. It is not yet clear if this will be the last iteration of the headset before it heads to a consumer release. VRFocus will be at E3 to bring you all the latest coverage on the GameFace Mark 5 as well as any other VR news and updates. Look for the full interview with Mason before the show hits.

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