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Loading Human Confirmed for PS4 & Morpheus, New Story, Moves to Unreal 4, Launches Kickstarter [Updated]

UPDATE: Untold Games has contacted VRFocus to clarify that a PlayStation 4 version of Loading Human isn’t confirmed, but has been concept approved. The team will continue to work on the PC and Mac version before moving to the PlayStation 4. The statement is below.

“Loading Human isn’t 100% confirmed for PS4/Morpheus yet, it’s just had the concept approved by Sony. Untold are focusing on the PC/Mac version for the purposes of the Kickstarter for now, before moving to develop a PS4 version.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Untold Games’ upcoming virtual reality (VR) narrative-driven adventure Loading Human has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign, revealing several radical new features. The team is looking to raise $30,000 USD by 5th June 2014 in order to fund development of the title, which is now a VR exclusive videogame with a brand new storyline. What’s more, the Kickstarter campaign page confirms that the upcoming PC and Mac title will be heading to PlayStation 4 with support for the Project Morpheus headset. Development of the title is also continuing using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4. The video for the campaign can be seen below.


Loading Human‘s new story, set in the year 2185, casts players as Prometheus a young adventurer and scientist. Players explore the memory fragments of this main character, starting off at a research base in the North Pole as he trains to guide a spaceship to find a dark energy source known as the Quintessence, located in the Eagle Nebula. Needless to say it’s a long way off from the title’s original ‘proof of concept’ story, which saw an alzhimer’s sufferer relive past memories to store them on a digital brain.

To reflect these changes, Loading Human is also now an episodic title. The Kickstarter campaign is to fund the first of 3 episodes. This first act is said to pack 3 – 4 hours of gameplay, visiting locations as the North Pole and an underwater lab.

The developer also confirmed that it had been approved for release by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE). As a result the team can bring the title to PlayStation 4. On PC the title uses motion controllers such as the Razer Hydra and Sixense STEM to replicate real world actions. A control scheme for PlayStation 4 is not mention, though it’s safe to assume it will use the PlayStation Move controller to some degree. Perhaps the title could benefit from the ‘mocked up’ controllers Sony revealed that it had worked on last week?

As for Unreal Engine 4, the developer reasoned that the it knew it had to step up development from the Unity 4 engine after the positive feedback to the reveal of the title. The switch will allow for higher quality graphics and physics.

Those interested can secure a digital copy of the title by pledging $35. Launch is expected to coincide with the release of the Oculus Rift headset, which the developer hopes will occur in the first quarter of 2015. Players can also back $49 to grab a copy of the title 2 weeks early. Backer rewards reach all the way to $5,000, where one backer can have the model for the main character use their face, which, with permission granted, can also be used in all other copies of the title. Stretch goals are also in, listing the likes of additional voice acting for $65,000 and additional presentational improvements beyond that.

VRFocus will continue to follow Loading Human‘s progress and report back with all the latest details.

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