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Mod of the Week: Alien Rage – Unlimited

As the current tide of virtual reality (VR) washes against the shore, many already involved in the community see a wide range of experiences in development and already available for Oculus Rift. However, those looking in from the outside expect little more than a tirade of first-person shooters to arrive with the retail editions of modern head-mounted displays (HMDs). While that isn’t the first place VRFocus would look for unique VR experiences, the team here agree that there is room for some high-octane shooting action.

Much like last week’s Painkiller: Hell & Damnation, caution is advised when playing this week’s featured title, Alien Rage – Unlimited. A hugely enjoyable single-player videogame, the multiplayer gameplay modes are not made with VR compatibility in mind. As such, the speed at which the videogame is played may well accelerate the effects of simulator sickness, and VRFocus heavily recommends players adapt through the single-player campaign first.



To begin, ensure that you have the latest version of Alien Rage – Unlimited installed. The Tridef 3D injection driver used for enabling Alien Rage – Unlimited in VR can be downloaded from the official DDD website and used for 14 days for free. An in-development Oculus Rift compatibility add-on can then be downloaded from the official Tridef 3D forums. Ensure that both of these assets have been downloaded and installed correctly before attempting to run Alien Rage – Unlimited on an Oculus Rift headset.

Load Tridef 3D Ignition and select ‘Add Game’. The client will automatically detect your installation (in the unlikely case that it doesn’t find Alien Rage – Unlimited, simply select ‘Add Game Manually’ and follow the on-screen prompts, selecting a ‘default’ profile for the videogame). Once added to the Tridef 3D Ignition launch window, boot Alien Rage – Unlimited from within this client.

The videogame will automatically launch in stereoscopic 3D with headtracking enabled. In the case of Alien Rage – Unlimited, the headtracking replicates the mouse look (or right analog stick) though the handheld peripherals can also be used to greater movement of the viewpoint, including sharp turns.

As with many first-person experiences, the viewer window presented by Alien Rage – Unlimited may need to be expanded to fill your field of vision. Simply press the ‘0’ key on your numberpad to access the Tridef 3D menu and browse the ‘HMD Settings’ menu, adjusting the various ‘FOV’ values as necessary.

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