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Palmer Luckey

Oculus Founder Talks Videogames, Hardware & Competition

Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey has developed a reputation for being frank and honest with his opinions when it comes to virtual reality (VR), and most would say he’s earned that right. VRFocus recently sat down with the Oculus Rift creator to find out what corner he approaches the VR industry from and his answer was unwavering: videogames.

Luckey is modest in his claim to the public figure driving modern VR, but he doesn’t deny that he was inspired where others clearly weren’t. And this inspiration came in the form of entertainment. VR has many potential uses in society – with healthcare and education being discussed regularly – but Luckey still believes that it’s videogame entertainment that will be the driving force for modern VR. VRFocus, of course, agrees with this sentiment, and will continue to cover the Oculus Rift and it’s software entertainment products as Luckey and his team bring the device closer to a consumer release.

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