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Oculus VR to ‘Engage with Universities in a Big Way’

Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe has revealed that the company will start to ‘engage with universities in a big way’ in the future. Iribe revealed as much in a recent interview, suggesting that Oculus VR engineers such as Chief Scientist Michael Abrash will be visiting schools to speak about the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset and discuss ideas with students about expanding the technology.


“We’re gonna go out there and very proactively — we haven’t talked a lot about it now but you’ll start to hear more of this kind of speaking sessions show up where we’re gonna go out and really engage with universities in a big way,” Iribe revealed during an on-stage interview at TechCrunch’s Disrupt event in New York.

“And we’re gonna be pushing. We just start a research group, right now we don’t have a name for it exactly but it’s the Bellevue R&D lab centered around Michael Abrash and Atman [Binstock]. And they’re starting to recruit a bunch of really incredibly talented, kind of like top super talent engineers and they’re gonna go out and start engaging with universities and work with students to build virtual reality technology and inspire and to expand that ecosystem.”

It’s Iribe’s hope that initiatives such as this will help improve the Oculus Rift and the company as a whole. “This is like the final frontier of nerd paradise in the meta-verse,” he said. “And so I think it will be one of the most researched areas over the next decade or so and we’re starting to engage with schools as quickly as we can now that we have this research group. And you’ll hear a lot more of Abrash and others speaking at these events and sponsoring hackathons.”

Traditionally Oculus VR has had a big presence at videogame and technology expos and trade shows. It also reaches out to the community by keeping in constant contact with indie developers and fans via its official website and the likes of Reddit. That said, it hasn’t yet reached out to the community in the ways Iribe describes.

Currently Oculus VR has its second developer kit (DK2) available to pre-order, and is expected to ship in July. Perhaps these talks will start to become more consistent one that latest kit is out. VRFocus will continue to follow any and all new on Oculus VR and report back with all the latest.

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