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Sixense CEO Hints at Netflix Streaming in VR with Oculus Rift

Sixense, the company behind the STEM motion controller, has hinted at video streaming service Netflix moving into virtual reality (VR) video with the Oculus Rift headset. CEO Amir Rubin suggested as much speaking at a recent panel on VR at the NeuroGaming Conference in San Francisco, California. He revealed that key members of the Hollywood community, including Sixense co-founder Avi Arad, were interested in VR and were investing in Netflix, going on to say that streaming VR with the Oculus Rift will be ‘gigantic’.


“I am not a movie maker but my co-founder of the company is one of the biggest producers in Hollywood,” Rubin said, responding to a question about VR videogames and films merging together. “His name is Avi Arad, he just released the latest Spider-Man. And for him, for a few others that I know very well being major players in the movie industry, this is bigger than tablets, it’s bigger than iPhone. For them, it’s a whole new way to market their movies. I would have invested a lot of money right now, and they are investing in Netflix, because when Netflix starts streaming into the Rift it’s gonna be gigantic.”

It’s not the first time that VR and the Oculus Rift have been linked to films and TV. Legendary director James Cameron stated that he was interested in the technology last month, and companies such as Atlantic Productions have gone on record with VRFocus saying that they are experimenting with the technology. It is, however, the first time that Netflix has been linked to the technology. Could the service one day adopt VR streaming?

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