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Sixense VR Motion Control SDK to be Compatible with PC & PS4

Sixense has revealed that its upcoming software development kit (SDK) for developing virtual reality (VR) motion controls will be compatible with both the PC and PlayStation 4. Company CEO Amir Rubin revealed as much speaking on a panel at the 2014 Silicion Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) Conference & Expo this week. He stated that the SDK can be used with both the company’s own STEM motion controller and the Razer Hydra controller on PC, as well as for the PlayStation Move motion controller on PlayStation 4.


Rubin confirmed that the SDK would be released in July 2014 when pre-production units of the STEM will start shipping after a 3 month delay. It also happens to arrive around the same time as the Oculus Rift VR headset’s second developer kit (DK2), meaning certain developers should be able to start implimenting the controller and the other supported devices into their titles along with the positional tracking featured in DK2.

The revelation that the SDK can be used for the PlayStation Move is certainly surprising, though it will help developers create more consistent controls across both the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of videogames. This doesn’t mean that the STEM itself will be compatible with the PlayStation 4, though the PlayStation Move is certainly missing some of the controller’s features. That includes the built-in analogue sticks, which Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) recently revealed it had added into a ‘mocked up‘ PlayStation Move controller.

VRFocus will continue to follow Sixense’s progress leading up to the launch of the controller and SDK and beyond.

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