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Survios Planning to Announce Consumer VR Platform in 2015

If you’ve been waiting to see what might come of Survios’ virtual reality (VR) immersive platform prototype, you might be doing so for a little longer. It’s been suggested that the company is planning to announce its first consumer product next year. Just what form that product will take is currently unknown. In it’s current phase the prototype tracks movement in its own Oculus Rift developed projects using a glowing orb attached to the headset, a pack strapped to the player’s torso, and the Razer Hydra controllers. 


Gigaom has said as much based on a recent visit to the company’s office in San Francisco. It was suggested that, while the company won’t reveal its plans for a consumer product, it will at least support the platform with its own suite of videogames and perhaps some from other developers too. Survios has already caught the eye of the VR community with its own software such as Zombies on the Holodeck! which tracks the player’s movements to provide an immersive zombie survival experience. The company is currently busy building more software for the kit.

Just what will be revealed and how it will stack up to other VR input solutions is yet to be seen, then. VRFocus will continue to follow Survios going forward and report back with any more developments.

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  1. “it’s own suite of videogames” <<< This is an example of tech that's doomed before it gets off the ground. The idiots haven't realised that what gamers want is to be able to play their existing PC games rather than be limited to a small collection of lame games from one company.

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