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The Universim Achieves Kickstarter Funding

Crytivo Games’ Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming god simulation title The Universim has proved to be a success. The title recently managed to pass its $320,000 USD goal with three days to go until its 24th May 2014 closure. This means that the developers can now focus their full attention on finishing off the title for a release on PC, Mac and Linux in October 2015. The team has suggested that the title could feature support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset.


The Universim is a god simulation title in which players follow a civilisation from stone age beginnings all the way up to the development of advanced technology, which unlocks interplanetary travel. It runs on the developer’s own Prometheus In-Game Engine, which simulates dynamic worlds controlling effects such as weather and natural events like tornadoes, earthquakes and meteors.

Though Oculus Rift support is yet to be confirmed for the title, the developers have said that they are ‘immensely interested’ in seeing what the headset could add to the gameplay. Perhaps now that the campaign has been passed we might see support finally announced. VRFocus will continue to follow The Universim and report back with any more updates about its VR support.

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