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VR Fitness Title Casts Players as Fat Pig

An independent developer going by the name of johanpruys has revealed a unique virtual reality (VR) videogame which casts players as an overweight pig. The experience, named Porco Grande, is in development using CryEngine 3 for the Oculus Rift VR headset and utilises an exercise bike as a means of input. The developer revealed the title on Oculus VR’s official forums, complete with a gameplay video that can be seen below.


Porco Grande casts players as the titular pig, who discovers that he is too fat to use his car, the Porc-Mobile. As a result he decides to remove the vehicle’s engine and start pedaling it out to visit his girlfriend, Proco Cinne. Players must try to reach their destination as quickly as possible by pedaling fast. At the end of a level they will be granted either a bronze, silver or gold medal based on performance as well as a calorie score and a kiss from Proco Cinne.

Players avoid fatty foods that slow them down while grabbing healthy foods to speed up. The title is designed to combat lack of exercise and bad food habits for players that might struggle to get out of their homes. A leaderboard is also used to track progress and reward top players.

Currently there isn’t any information about when and how Porco Grande will launch. The developer does make several references to the Oculus Rift’s second developer kit (DK2), so expect it to release after that device ships in July 2014. VRFocus will continue to follow Porco Grande and report back with any more updates.

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