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Battleship Boardgame Adapted into VR Title

An indie developer has taken the classic Battleship boardgame and adapted into a new virtual reality (VR) experience using both the Oculus Rift VR headset and the Leap Motion finger tracking technology. Developer Nathan Beattie has posted experience on the official Oculus VR Share beta, where it can be downloaded and played for free on PC. A short video providing a taste of the experience can be seen below.


This very early version of the adaption of Battleship uses Leap Motion to replicate user’s hand movements in-game. Players can user a finger to place ships along their own grid before selecting points on their opponent’s grird to try and hit their ships. That said, the current version of the experience doesn’t yet feature enemy AI or ship placement. That feature will arrive in later versions, according to the developer.

Currently the experience allows for the user of two hands. The developer didn’t say if the title could perhaps see a multiplayer version in the future. Battleship VR joins a range of other free experiences that have recently arrived on the Oculus VR Share beta, including Fire Panda’s My Neighbour Totoro VR and Kite & Lightning’s Senza Peso. Just when we’ll see the later updates to increase functionality is unknown.

Adapting boardgames into VR experiences has often been talked about in the VR community, though his rendition of Battleship seems to go one step further by attempting to bring the experience to life. VRFocus will continue to follow the development of the title, bringing you any more updates.

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