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Beasts of Prey Gets Host of Fixes and Upgrades

Octagon Interactive’s dinosaur-based massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS) Beasts of Prey only released on Steam’s Early Access program late last week, but has already seen two significant updates since then. The developer issued both upgrades over the weekend, stating that it was ‘seeking redemption’ following the title’s troubled launch, which was hit with a range of different issues.


The first update crucially enabled player vs player (PvP) mechanics to the title. This means that online players can now do battle with each other in between gathering resources and building bigger and better bases to defend themselves from the title’s prehistoric beasts. Also included in the first update are a number of bug fixes and additions to the title’s arsenal, including a total of five new weapons that can now be crafted by players.

The update that followed mainly brought with it yet more bug fixes and changes. An issue surrounding non-player characters (NPCs) over-spawning has been adressed, as has a ‘critical bug’ that was causing some items to vanish. The dinosaurs will also stop appearing close to player-created structures and have even had their health increased. Elsewhere, refinements to the titles’ user interface (UI) have also been made.

Beasts of Prey has recently seen both a launch trailer and a new batch of screenshots to support its Early Access launch. The developer plans to keep the title in its early release form for no longer than six months. The title features full support for the Oculus Rift virutual reality (VR) headset. VRFocus will continue to follow Beasts of Prey’s progress, bringing you all the latest on its development.

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