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Demo Released for VR Brawler Blood for Blood

Indie developer Druiduke has released a new demo for its upcoming virtual reality (VR) melee combat titles, Blood for Blood. The demo can now be downloaded and played for free over on the official Oculus VR Share beta, and is fully compatible with both the Oculus Rift VR headset and the Razer Hydra motion controller. The demo is currently available for PC only, with no mention of possible Mac or Linux support for the future.


Blood for Blood allows players to pick up weapons such as swords and hammers and use them in realistic ways. The title features a wide variety of objects that can be sliced or smashed as well as combat that is, as the developer describes, ‘free and dynamic’. The title uses the Razer Hydra to track the player’s movements. Support for Sixense’s STEM motion controller is also set to be included.

The title’s story is set on an ancient island, focussing on a war between samurai and barbarians. Players are cast as a ressurected samurai that takes the form of a skeleton unable to remember how or why he was killed. As players fight, the protagonist will begin to piece himself back together with flesh and blood as well as uncover the mystery of his death. The title will include a type of morality system in which killing opponents will make the world ‘evil’, while ‘following your heart’ will help unravel the story.

The developer revealed that its team had worked on Blood for Blood at night and during weekends to deliver the demo available today. The team intends to push on developing the title, though there aren’t any details about when it might release in full just yet. VRFocus will continue to follow Blood for Blood going forward, bringing you all the latest updates on its development and more.

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