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Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta 2 Launches Today

Frontier has announced that the second leg of the ‘Premium Beta’ phase for Elite: Dangerous will launch today. After a successful initial run, the Premium Beta moves into it’s second outing with a number of technical improvements as well as brand new assets for players.

“You should notice a significant improvement in many different areas, including the first results of optimizations that should improve frame-rate significantly for those that are not already getting 60 fps [sic].” Reads the official communication on today’s launch of the Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta 2. “Three specific major changes to highlight are: Three new star systems have been added, above those in Premium Beta 1. Those are Aulin, LHS 3006 and Styx.”


Elite: Dangerous is currently in development at Frontier and expected to be commercially available later this year. Fans of the Elite videogame franchise can jump in immediately however, with the Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta package, available to purchase now from the videogame’s official website, https://store.zaonce.net/?_ga=1.22258045.772371495.1403527257, priced at £100 GBP.

Elite: Dangerous will launch with Oculus Rift compatibility as standard. VRFocus recently got hands-on with Elite: Dangerous as well as interviewing Frontier’s David Braben, credited as Designer on the title, and will bring you further details very soon.

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