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Epic Games Has ‘Cool Surprises’ for VR Coming

Epic Games has enjoyed a growing presence in the virtual reality (VR) community in the past few months. The company’s Unreal Engine 4 comes with integration for both the Oculus Rift VR headset and, more recently, the Project Morpheus VR headset on PlayStation 4 to help developers easily create VR content. Constant updates to the tool set also improve that support regularly. But what about further down the line? According to the developer, it has some ‘cool surprises’ planned in the months ahead.


Lead Engine Programmer Nick Whiting revealed as much on a recent Unreal Engine 4 live stream from the developer. Speaking about the future of VR content, Whiting revealed that Epic Games has some “cool suprirses in the coming months in the VR scene.”

What could the developer be planning? It was announced in a previous stream that the Couch Knight demo will be released next month to coincide with the launch of the Oculus Rift’s second development kit (DK2). Could we perhaps see Epic Games create a fully flegded videogame with support for the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus or does this tease relate more to development tools? VRFocus will continue to follow the developer’s progress in the space and report back with any more updates.

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