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First Lucky’s Tale Details Revealed

Lucky’s Tale has remained something of a mystery for the past week. Announced last week, the title is the second videogame announced to be published by Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset makers Oculus VR, and is exclusive to the device. We were told at the time of the announcement that it would be a third-person platform videogame developed by Playful Corp., though little else was revealed. Now the title has seen its first gameplay revealed along with fresh details.


Words with Friends co-creator Paul Bettner revealed the first footage of the title during Spike’s E3 All Access coverage today. From the looks of the gameplay, players control Lucky, an animated fox-like character that runs and jumps around large, colourful environments. Bettner described the title as a mix of ‘normal platforming’ with aspects that can only be found in VR. For example, while the title’s camera is indeed third-person, head tracking integration lets users move the view independent of the player character.

Lucky is seen to be collecting gold blocks that float in the air as well as picking up bombs and throwing them at targets. The developer stated that Lucky’s Tale had been inspired by a range of platform titles, and that the VR effect portrayed a sense of co-operating with Lucky instead of controlling him. The brief demo didn’t reveal too much more about the title, though Bettner did reveal that it had been working with Oculus VR for a year on the concept.

Lucky’s Tale is actually one of two Oculus Rift compatible titles that Playful Corp. has in development. The second, Creativerse, will hit Steam later in the year and patch in Oculus Rift support at a later date. For now, Lucky’s Tale is due to hit PC with required Oculus Rift support. A release date is yet to be confirmed, though it likely won’t be launching at least until the consumer Oculus Rift itself is available. VRFocus will continue to follow the title’s progress and provide full E3 coverage.

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