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The Forest Gets First Update, Fixes Saves, More

Indie developer Endnight Games Ltd finally released its much-anticipated first-person survival title The Forest on Steam Early Access last week. Since then players have been playing and testing the experience, uncovering a range of bugs and issues. Now the developer has released its first update for the title, offering a range of fixes for these issues. The list includes a resolution to a bug concerning saving which has troubled many players.


The update, named alpha v10.01b includes some 20 changes overall. The full changelog can be seen below. Along with allowing players to save at small shelters, the developer has reportedly improved water visuals, collision detection on trees and upgraded the title’s performance. The update has even been followed with another small fix for an issue in which items in the player’s inventory may not show after saving.

The Forest is a first-person survival title in which players are stranded in a vast rural environment after surviving a plane crash. It’s a first-person experience in which players must learn to survive by gathering food and resources to build a settlment and eventually defend what they have built from horrific monsters that start to appear as players explore caves and other environments.

Endnight Games Ltd has said that The Forest remains ‘under heavy development’ in this Early Access phase. It is currently available for £10.99 GBP, which will include access to the full title upon release. The title is due to receive support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset later on, though a date for this update and the anticipated full release are yet to be shared. VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest surrounding The Forest, bringing you the updates.


  • Saving at small shelter now works
  • Fixed issue where camera would spin during plane crash if a controller was plugged in
  • Fixed enemies sometimes disappearing after a few days
  • Improved tree collision
  • Fixed log cabin floating
  • Fixed some leaves not connected to trunk
  • Improved stuttering/performance
  • Removed lights from blue cave creatures
  • Fixed trees vanishing when exiting caves
  • Fixed bug where cave sounds could be heard above ground
  • Spelling mistake on shelter ‘warmth’ in book
  • Improved collision in some cave areas
  • Fixed missing cliff detail texture
  • Ocean shouldn’t loose render texture on start
  • Water visuals improved
  • Fixed enemy head duplicating when picked up
  • Fixed glitch where you could make infinite flare guns
  • Fixed enemy head icon not centered, and showing an arm instead of a head
  • Heads/arms and legs now go to inventory instead of being directly equipped
  • Bird on hand does not appear as often



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