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The Gallery Getting Public Demo, Devs Tease ‘Best’ News

CloudHead Games has announced that its upcoming virtual reality (VR) focused title The Gallery: Six Elements will be receiving a public demo in the near future. The developer confirmed as much, reasoning that users needed to try the title’s much-touted VR Comfort Mode for themselves as opposed to simply being told about its effects. No date for the demo was announced, though it should arrive before the closed beta later on in the year.


“As with most issues in VR, explaining or even showing our approach second hand simply doesn’t sufficiently translate,” the developer explained on in an update on its Kickstarter page. “You need to experience it for yourself! So with that said, we are working towards a final public demo which will be freely available to everyone via Oculus Share and on our website. This small taste is a great metric of where we’re headed and is a nice holdover until we release the closed beta later this year.”

The developer also teased that it was preparing to make a significant announcement in the future. It talked about how ‘nearly ever industry’ is getting involved with VR technology and that the team couldn’t share one of its ‘best news’ on this subject right now. It promised that it would let fans know as soon as it could. It’s not clear if the news relates to The Gallery: Six Elements or perhaps a different project entirely.

CloudHead Games will be showing off the title as a part of E3 2014 next week in Los Angeles, California. The title will be on display at the Mix Media Indie Exchange on 10th June as well as the VRLA E3 Mixer on 11th June. VRFocus will continue to follow the title’s progress and report back with any more updates.

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