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No Man’s Sky Dev Reveals Oculus Rift Experiments

Back in April 2014 No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games revealed that it was experimenting with the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset. It did so by posting images and videos on the likes of Twitter and Vine, showing members of the development team walking around its office with the headset on and connected to a laptop worn on the user’s back. At the time it was thought that this could be a possible tease for VR support for the team’s anticipated first-person project. It certainly seemed like a good fit, but it turns out that that wasn’t the case.


Studio founder Sean Murray revealed as much during an E3 2014 panel in which he sat alongside Oculus Rift designer Palmer Luckey. Speaking to GiantBomb about possible VR support for No Man’s Sky, Murray jokingly revealed that the developer kits sent by Oculus VR had been used to recreate the team’s office space, but humorously raised alarm bells when they posted media of them using the headset walking around.

“You guys sent us some kit and we got it,” Murray said, addressing Luckey. “We only had it a day but we mocked up this little demo and we built like our office basically. And I hadn’t seen anyone do this before but it was his [David Ream, creative director] stupid idea. I have like a gaming laptop basically so I was able to plug it into that and put it in my backpack so I was like wireless basically with an Xbox pad plugged in. And I would just stand in the same position in the office.”

At this point Luckey revealed that he had created a similar project, to which Murray joked that he was disappointed it wasn’t original anymore.

“And then we kind of just started going around the office and actually getting up a little speed and being able to like go up and down the stairs quite quickly and things like that. And we posted some Vines and things like that and we got like a mail from one of the guys at Oculus saying like, y’know “please stop doing this” and it was like “you may not have read the terms but please don’t post anything where you might, like, die.””

Luckey then revealed that one of the reasons that Oculus VR asks players to use the Oculus Rift sitting down is for safety, as the headset essentially ‘blindfolds’ users in its current form.

Murray concluded with one more story: “It was just as well we got that mail because me and Dave, the tweets we did had been popular so we had like two dev kits and we’d taken a photo of two of us in our cars and we were like driving at each other with the headsets on and I was about to tweet “if you die in Oculus you die in real life” and I got the mail and I was like “let’s not.””

It wasn’t mentioned if No Man’s Sky would actually support the Oculus Rift or the Project Morpheus on PlayStation 4, which Murray announced on Monday would host the exclusive console launch of the title. Is support still possible, given that they have the headset in its office? VRFocus will continue to follow the developer closely and report as soon as we can get confirmation on No Man’s Sky in VR.

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