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Mirror’s Edge Dev Comments on VR Support

Many gamers around the world are keen to suggest that their favourite first-person title is perfect for virtual reality (VR). However, the reality of the situation is often very different, with many often unable to separate their hopes from the very real problem of simulator sickness. Mirror’s Edge is one such videogame that may appear to be a dream VR title, but in fact would not likely be a pleasant experience.

“Everyone says, you should just add it to Mirror’s Edge!” DICE boss Karl-Magnus Troedsson told Eurogamer when discussing the potential of VR head-mounted displays such as Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus. “There’s a guy who did it and he says it himself: after a while this is a bit overwhelming.”


“You have vertigo and first-person movement. How many people of the population out there wouldn’t throw up when they played that?” Suggests Troedsson. “Naturally it would be great if we could have that support for Mirror’s Edge, but it would never become a mass market thing… Would it be cool? Absolutely! Do I want to play it? Yes! Maybe for five minutes at a time!”

The new Mirror’s Edge videogame is currently in development for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with further formats yet to be confirmed. VRFocus will keep you updated with any future VR projects coming from DICE and other Electronic Arts studios.

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  1. Honestly, the Mirror’s Edge core gameplay concept does not translate well to VR. You do not want that much uncontrolled movement occurring in a VR game.

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