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Mod of the Week: DOOM

Following a brief hiatus the ‘Mod of the Week’ series returns with one of the biggest names in videogames: DOOM. After the hugely enjoyable modification of QUAKE II for Oculus Rift, officially supported by id Software, DOOM arrives as a fan-developed project using the shareware version of the videogame.

All of the requirements to run DOOM as an Oculus Rift compatible title can be downloaded for free. Furthermore, they’re available as a single package direct from the creator of the mod who goes by the name Rotating Penguin. Known as GZ3Doom, this modded version of the videogame is based on the infamous GZDoom, which in turn is based on ZDoom. This long heritage of fan development has finally evolved into a virtual reality (VR) experience that anyone can enjoy without the need for any coding knowledge.



To use GZ3Doom in Oculus Rift mode you must first download the GZ3Doom package from Rotating Penguin’s website:

Windows: GZ3Doom 1.8.6_h Installer for Windows (latest version).

Mac OSX: GZ3Doom 1.8.6_h Installer for Max OSX (latest version).

Once installed, set the in-game resolution to 1280×800. Launch into the videogame and press “+” until no status bar remains. Next, activate the ZDoom console by pressing “`” (UK Keyboard layout)  and input “vr_mode 8”. The screen will automatically adjust to the stereoscopic display associated with the Oculus Rift and be ready to play on the head-mounted display (HMD).


You can turn off mouse menu selection for Oculus Rift mode: Options->Mouse Options->Enable Mouse in Menus->NO

You can also turn off mouse look for Oculus Rift mode, making the headtracking slightly smoother: Options->Mouse Options->Always Mouselook->OFF

If you dislike the high speed your character moves at, type “TURBO 65” in the console.

You can turn off the head bobbing with the command “MOVEBOB 0” when typed into the console.

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