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New Loading Human Video Talks Story Realism

Untold Games has released a new video for it’s upcoming sci-fi adventure title, Loading Human. The video, which can be seen below, expands on the title’s story, explaining how its sci-fi elements are rooted in the history of science, attempting to create a believable new world that can be traced back to the current day. It arrives as an update to the virtual reality (VR) title’s Kickstarter campaign, which is nearing completion.


The video explains that, once the developer had decided on the new direction that it was taking Loading Human, the story had to ‘keep one foot in reality’. As a result, the team turned to scientist Ignazio Licata to help develop a universe that could perhaps feasibly be achieved by 2185, the year in which Loading Human is set. The title will see players explore the memory fragments of Prometheus, who is being sent on an interstellar mission to retrieve a substantial energy source.

There are just a few days left of Loading Human‘s campaign before its 5th June 2014 closure. The title has already passed its $30,000 USD goal, though still hopes to reach at least its first $65,000 stretch goal for voice acting in multiple language. The title is to be split into three separate episodes, with the first aiming for launch in February 2015 on PC, Mac and SteamOS with support for the Oculus Rift VR headset. A PlayStation 4 version of the title is also possible.

VRFocus will continue to follow Loading Human and report back with any more news and updates.

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