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New Radial-G Gameplay Shows Off Cockpit

Upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible sci-fi racer Radial-G is set to receive its next public showcase tonight at the monthly Brighton VR Meetup. Developer Temmeka Games will be showing off the title’s two-player head-to-head mode for attendees to try out with an Oculus Rift VR headset. The team has also revealed its first video for the title ahead of the event, which can be seen below, showing off a vehicle cockpit.

Just over a minute of footage can be seen in the video. For the most part the player sits stationary in a first-person view inside the cockpit. While this gives us a good look at the detail inside the craft as well as the futurisitic environment seen outside, it’s also essential to help acclimatise players. As the developer reasons, combating simulator sickness is a big focus for Radial-G, and letting users adjust and settle to their surroundings before taking off at high speeds is incredibly helpful to this effect.

It’s a technique similar to what can be seen in CCP Games’ upcoming EVE: Valkyrie, which has players sitting in the cockpit of their spacecraft in a hangar before launching into multiplayer dog fights. It’s all the more essential for Radial-G though, as the title has players driving along pipe-shaped tracks that gives them 360 degrees of movement.  The slightest tease of the title’s races follows, as players take off shortly before the footage ends. Also seen for the first time in the video is the Tammeka Games logo and Radial-G logo at the start.

Radial-G is a multiplayer sci-fi racer that sees players drive around futuristic tracks, hitting speed ramps to achieve fast times. Tammeka Games is yet to reveal much in the way of release details for the title. VRFocus will continue to follow Radial-G’s development, bringing you the latest.

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