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Nightmare Zombies Launches Kickstarter & Greenlight With VR Support

Indie developer Bengautti Entertainment Corporation has launched both a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign and a Steam Greenlight campaign for its upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible title, Nightmare Zombies. The former hopes to raise $900,000 USD to fund development of the PC, Mac and Linux title while the latter looks to secure enough positive votes to be approved for sale on Valve’s digital store come full release. Should it prove successful then the Unreal Engine 4-developed videogame will launch with full support for the Oculus Rift VR headset.


The developer describes Nightmare Zombies as a horror sandbox multiplayer experience. Set in 2094, the title takes place in Manhatten, New York. It is both a first and third person shooter in which players can build bases to fend off zombies, using printed guns and other weapons to survive. The title will feature underground networks in which players can trade in markets and gather medical resources and more. There are no rules other than to simply survive, giving players free reign over how they proceed.

While the title features multiplayer modes it can also be played in single-player, either in a persistent world or a 24 hour story option. It will be availble in two seperate builds, one for standard monitors and the other for dedicated Oculus Rift players. Those interested can pledge $15 to be a part of an Early Bird Special for a digital copy of the title, which increases to $30 after the first 200 pledges.

The Kickstarter campaign will close on 3rd August 2014. It should be noted that this is the title’s second run at a Kickstarter campaign, having raised just $1,431 in a previous attempt for the same amount of money in March 2014. Should it prove successful this time then Nightmare Zombies hopes to launch in January 2016. VRFocus will continue to follow the title’s progress and report back with any more updates.

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