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Oculus CEO: ‘we do have a consumer prototype’, weighs ‘almost nothing’

The consumer version (CV1) of the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset remains something of a mythical item for the VR community. While the company is preparing to ship its second development kit (DK2) next month, little is known about the product that will eventually hit retail outlets and find its way into consumer homes. Earlier this week at E3 2014 Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey revealed that CV1 would include a higher resolution display than DK2, and now CEO Brendan Iribe has confirmed that the company does in fact have a prototype of the device being used internally.


“So we don’t completely know, we don’t have a crystal ball or anything,” Iribe explained when asked by Bloomberg what the future of the company looked liked. “It’s moved a lot faster than we thought. We got into it with the duct tape, hot glue gun prototype and in less than two years now we’re at a developer kit, the second developer kit which is getting really close to that kind of consumer experience.

“Internally at Oculus we do have the consumer prototype and we do have a consumer prototype that’s now significantly less weight so it weighs almost nothing, you barely feel this on your head, you can look around. That was a big challenge, obviously getting it way down. It has a lot of core technology in it where you can do six degrees of freedom tracking so it’s very comfortable,” he said.

Iribe revealed that the company had already tested the prototype with as many as 500 people, and had only received ‘a handful’ of complaints surrounding disorientation. As a result, he labelled the issue of motion sickness as ‘behind’ the company now. That said, the CEO didn’t reveal just when the company might start talking about the release of CV1, instead considering its applications beyond videogames once more. When will we finally see the kit for ourselves?

VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of the Oculus Rift, bringing you all the latest on its development.

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