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Oculus has ‘a closer relationship’ to Sony than ‘any other company’ – CEO

Earlier this week Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey stated that, while he thought Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) head was ‘good’, in his opinion his company’s own Oculus Rift VR headset was ‘better’. That said, the company doesn’t seem to view SCE as a ‘competitor’. In fact, CEO Brendan Iribe reasons that Oculus VR actually share a closer relationship with the PlayStation makers than ‘just about any other company’.


Iribe said as much in a recent interview with Bloomberg. Speaking about Project Morpheus, he revealed: “A lot of the guys at the show have got a chance to try it. And there’s, y’know, positive feedback. We’re really happy to see other companies, especially big companies, getting into VR. I mean that just validates that the whole industry is going to be a very big deal very fast.

“We don’t really look at them as a competitor,” the CEO continued, “I mean in fact I would say that we have a closer relationship to Sony than just about any other company with them being in the VR space also and us all kind of evangelising and trying to create the VR industry together. They’re a company that’s very focused on their console. We’re a company that’s very focused on VR. So I think the unique side of Oculus is that we’re now well over 100 people, some of the smartest, best engineers in the industry have all joined with a single focus: VR, VR core tech, core platform as well as first-party content.”

Iribe went on to reference the fact that Oculus VR recently hired Naughty Dog founder Justin Rubin as its head of worldwide studios. Naughty Dog is of course one of SCE’s most prized first-party studios and Iribe praised Rubin’s work on a lot of ‘great’ console videogames in the past. Could Oculus VR’s own first-party suite rise to rival that of SCE’s?

The company is currently preparing to ship its second development kit (DK2) next month, though it has also confirmed that it has made a consumer version prototype. It’s not yet known when that device of Project Morpheus will finally launch. VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of both devices and report back with the latest.

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