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Palmer Luckey

Palmer Luckey on Palmer Luckey: VR Origins, Future & Celebrity Status

Having almost single-handedly created the rush to modern virtual reality (VR) devices, Palmer Luckey is becoming a very well known figure in videogame and technology circles. He’s been cited as a visionary, as a star and as the driving force for what many see as the only possible future for personal entertainment. He’s also gained a great deal of attention for the recent sale of he company he founded, Oculus VR, to Facebook for approximately $2bn USD in the social media giant’s first-ever hardware deal. Many people have opinions on this; the media has opinions and gamers have opinions. But what does Luckey himself think about his sudden rise to fame?

More than anything else, Luckey assures that he is a gamer. The idea for creating a VR head-mounted display (HMD) at a consumer price point came from his desire to play videogames in VR. Luckey is quick to state that anyone could have done it, but as no one was doing it he took it as his duty to help the VR industry however he could. And this is a perfect example of his modesty; while many believe Luckey kickstarted a VR revolution, he himself believes he was simply helping it along the way. Talking to VRFocus earlier this month, you can learn more about Luckey’s views on his dabbling with hardware, growth of a company and his celebrity status in the video below.

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