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Preview: Street Luge

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) have revealed a number of new Project Morpheus demos at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), one of which comes from the core UK team working on the virtual reality (VR) project, London Studio. In addition to The Deep, Street Luge can now be added to their repertoire of VR experiences, and this one is most certainly based on a more traditional videogame design.


The Deep was an enjoyable teaser that saw the player immersed within a world that actually offered very little interaction. It was a taster of the possibilities rather than an opportunity to explore them. A new build has been prepared for E3, but whether or not SCE chose to offer it to the media this week remains to be seen. For now however,  Street Luge is getting all of the attention.

A very unusual experience, Street Luge offers full control of your movement without any controller interface. Making sole use of the head-tracking available within the Project Morpheus headset, the player tilts their head left and right in order to guide the board upon which they lie in their chosen direction. It may sound simple, boring even, but there’s a great amount of nuance in the control; levels of momentum and force upon the steering that take longer to learn than you might expect.

That, of course, is the technical aspect. Taking into account the fact that the road is littered with cars, fallen rocks and steep inclines/declines, the player is quickly given the chance to compete against the will of the road. Collisions will cost speed, as you might expect, but careful maneuvering under the larger vehicles will reward the player with a boost: this is the key to successfully finishing with a competitive time.

SCE are recording the times of all competitors. As VRFocus finished the representative of London Studio on hand stated that the tenth best score of the day had been achieved, but to what extent this matters is not known. London Studio promised VRFocus further information on the high score system in Street Luge later in the show, and of course we’ll report back with all the latest details.

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