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Private Eye Demo Coming Soon

The team behind the forthcoming Private Eye has teased that a new demo build of the videogame will be coming soon. The much delayed virtual reality (VR) experience has already seen an early prototype made available to the public, however this new build appears to have considerably increased the production values of the videogame.

Private Eye is a puzzle-adventure videogame that casts the player as a detective down on his luck. Having been involved in an accident he is now confined to a wheelchair, as the teaser trailer below reveals. However, this doesn’t mean he’s taken out of action completely, as the player takes charge of investigations despite the unfortunate situation the detective now finds himself in.


Developed by an independent team lead by Jake Slack, a demo version of Private Eye is expected to be available to download soon. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on this VR exclusive project.

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