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Star Citizen Launches Arena Commander Mode

Indie developer Cloud Imperium Games has launched finally launched the latest mode for its upcoming space combat title, Star Citizen. The Arena Commander mode was originally due to launch last week but suffered a slight delay to early this week in order to ensure a smooth launch. It grants players their first taste of the title’s dog-fighting action, which is complete with support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset.


Arena Commander arrives as part of the title’s Version 0.8 update. The new mode grants those that have backed Star Citizen access to a Freeflight option as well as another named Vanduul Swarm. Players will be able to command three ships, including the Aurora, 300i and Hornet. Also included are Battle Royale and Team multiplayer modes which are currently open to ‘a small number of players’, with more being added as the title’s stability improves.

A trailer for the Arena Commander mode can be seen below. It offers nearly two minutes of footage from the title, giving us a clear idea of how the ship combat will play out. The developer has warned of some persisting bugs and issues on its blog, as well as pledging to fix a ‘widespread issue’ which has reportedly been freezing the title between transitions from the previously released Hangar module and the new mode.

The developer hopes to release upgrades and fixes to the mode in updates such as the upcoming Version 0.9. Apparently using the Oculus Rift to navigate the title’s user interface (UI) is ‘near impossible’ in its current state, so expect this to be updated too. VRFocus will continue to follow Star Citizen‘s progress and report back with any more news and updates.

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