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SUPERHOT Developers Tease ‘Big’ Gameplay Twist

SUPERHOT is a title that has gained many fans based on its premise alone. The videogame, which recently achieved huge success with Kickstarter funding, is a first-person shooter (FPS) in which time moves only when the player does, effectively allowing them to stop the world around them from moving by standing still. It’s a simple premise that holds a lot of potential, though the title’s developer has recently teased that the title’s mechanics could see a ‘big twist’ during the campaign.


The developer recently hosted an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. When asked if SUPERHOT would feature any twists, the developer replied: “We’re currently prototyping one big twist when it comes to game mechanics and I’m very excited about it.” This suggests that the title perhaps won’t depend on its relatively straightforward core mechanic for the entirety of its running time. How could the developers twist that core mechanic?

The developer also revealed that it had a ‘mind bending’ moment planned for the campaign’s story, saying: “When it comes to story we have at least one awesome, mind bending Moment, but it’s all about staging it right and we’ll know for sure only when we’ll have it working.[sic]”

SUPERHOT recently enjoyed a strong showing at E3 2014, featuring as one of the titles on display at Oculus VR’s showroom booth. The team is also due to appear at Gamescom this year, though it’s not clear if it will be bringing a playable version of the title along with it. The experience is set to arrive on PC with full support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset. The developer has also confirmed that it is ‘positive’ the title will arrive on consoles; could it possibly support the Project Morpheus VR headset on PlayStation 4? VRFocus will continue to follow the title’s development, bringing you any more updates.

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