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SUPERHOT Passes Kickstarter Campaign with Over $250,000 Raised

The Kickstarter campaign for upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible first-person shooter (FPS) SUPERHOT has finally come to a close today. The campaign ends as a huge success, raising $250,784 USD to help fund development of the title, having set its initial goal at $100,000. Over 11,500 backers contributed to the project, which also passed four different stretch goals. It is now scheduled to arrive on PC, Mac and Linux in June 2015 with full support for the Oculus Rift VR headset.


SUPERHOT is a puzzle-based FPS in which time stands still when the player doesn’t move. This effect slows down bullets and allows players to plot a course through a maze of attacks as they find a weapon and eliminate their opponenets. It started life in August 2013 as part of the 7 Day First-Person Shooter videogame challenge and has since grown into a full experience. It boasts a clean, minimalist art style in which environments appear in which, objects appear black and enemies are orange.

The title proved popular on Kickstarter from day one, having its initial goal funded in 24 hours. Past its first goal, SUPERHOT managed to unlock stretch goals for better animations, a speedrun mode, a video replay mode and, just yesterday, a new game + option. The title fell just a little short of its fifth stretch goal set at $300,000 for a level editor.

The experience will launch will full support for the Oculus Rift, which will allow users to lean out of the way of approaching bullets. In fact, SUPERHOT had a prominent showing at this year’s E3 2014, in which it was showcased at Oculus VR’s show floor booth. It even managed to get some time on Spike TV’s E3 All-Access show. Look for more updates on the title’s progress as the team now works towards its release a year from now. VRFocus will continue to follow SUPERHOT and report back with any more updates.

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