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Surgeon Simulator Dev Aiming for PS Move Support on PS4

Earlier this week Bossa Studios revealed that it would be bringing its beloved virtual reality (VR) compatible PC title Surgeon Simulator over to the PlayStation 4 in the near future. Support for the Project Morpheus VR headset was confirmed shortly thereafter and now the developer has confirmed that integration with the PlayStation Move motion controller could also make it into the upcoming port.


Bossa Studios co-founder Imra Jele confirmed as much to VRFocus during E3 2014 this week. Jele revealed that the team is currently trying to get the title to work with the motion controller, and will likely allow players to use at least one in the final build. That said, the team is also aiming to add support for two PlayStation Moves, to allow for two-handed operations.

It is easy to see how the PlayStation Move might fit into Surgeon Simulator. The videogame tasks players with performing complex surgeries whilst battling a difficult control scheme. Failure usually results in comedic, disasterous consequences such as accidentally removing vital organs or smashing rib cages and more. Support for the motion controller would also likely compliment the Project Morpheus support, giving a one-to-one replication of the player’s actions.

It’s not yet clear when Surgeon Simulator will launch on PlayStation 4. The title is already available on both iPad and PC, the latter of which features support for the Oculus Rift VR headset. VRFocus will continue to follow the title’s progress on its journey to PlayStation 4, reporting back with all the latest.

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