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Tale of Tales Launch Sunset Teaser Website

Indie developer Tale of Tales has launched an interesting teaser website for the forthcoming Sunset following the successful passing of it’s Kickstarter funding goal. With 24 days remaining on the Kickstarter campaign Sunset has already proven to be a hit with many gamers, having now surpassed it’s $25,000 USD target by over $7,000, but Tale of Tales aren’t going to stop there; inviting the gaming community to visit Anchuria with the aid of Anchurian Air.

Sunset is a first-person videogame that takes place in a single apartment in a fictional South American city in the early 1970s: Anchuria. You play a housekeeper called Angela Burnes, and must conduct various tasks in the swanky bachelor pad of Gabriel Ortega. However, being that your employer’s wealth far exceeds your own, the temptation to explore his possessions is certain to get too much. As you do, a plot unravels involving political corruption and the planning of a coup.


The videogame has earned a great deal of attention from the gaming community due to this intriguing setting, but also due to the suggestion that the videogame may be made compatible with the Oculus Rift for virtual reality (VR) gameplay. Indeed, Oculus VR has recently reached out to Tale of Tales and offered assistance with this aspect of development.

You can find the new teaser website for Sunset‘s fictional airline, Anchurian Air, at http://sunset.voyage/home.html. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Sunset and other forthcoming VR compatible titles via Kickstarter.

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