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White Lotus Interactive on Game Design Beginnings & Native VR

Concluding a series of three interviews with the development team behind XING: The Land Beyond, James Steininger talks with VRFocus about getting started in videogame design, from college to producing a commercial videogame product. White Lotus Interactive is a small team, and while each member has their own role it’s apparent that every member is invested in the whole of the project.

The beginning was only one hurdle however, as White Lotus Interactive had promised Oculus Rift compatibility as part of their Kickstarter campaign. Once this stretch goal had been reached the team were committed, and thankfully XING: The Land Beyond is an experience that matches the modern virtual reality (VR) hardware perfectly. The full interview with James Steininger follows below and VRFocus will bring you more on XING: The Land Beyond very soon.

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