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Working with Virtual Worlds: nDreams Dev Diary #7

You probably don’t need to be told that next week is E3 week. nDreams certainly doesn’t. The event, which runs from 10th – 12th June 2014 with a range of publisher and platform holder conferences on 9th June, will play host to a range of new videogames, with this virtual reality (VR) dedicated developer counted among them. It’s a moment the company has been building to ever since it announced it would focus on developing for the technology back in 2013.


Needless to say, the team is a little anxious right now.

That’s where we find Jackie Tetley in this week’s nDreams developer diary. Whereas past entries has been somewhat calm and collected, this week is all hands on deck. We’ll leave you with Jackie to sum up the chaos, but make sure to check back in with VRFocus next week for the full reveal of nDreams’ PC and PlayStation 4 title with extensive coverage.

Jackie Tetley, nDreams: Is it possible to be relaxed and tense simultaneously?

We have been making THE BUILD of our E3 demo for the last few days, and when each one turns out not to be THE BUILD due to some minor issue, my tension level rises.

The relaxed side is because nothing major has cropped up and the demo is looking great. I’ll just be happy when THE BUILD is done.

Even today (Friday) we are still doing “just one more” build, despite the fact we have a number of perfectly acceptable ones. I’m beginning to think code have some kind of secret sweepstakes going on – “how many builds can we do up to the wire before she starts frothing at the mouth?”.

In addition to all the demo fun there have been various preparations going on for the show itself. While at a pinch we could get most things we need out in LA, there are some vital items we mustn’t leave behind. There are also PR materials to finalise, last minute meetings being arranged and some essential eleventh hour purchases.

A shiny PC has been built especially to take out with us, and it is being put through its final paces as I type. The logistics of luggage are an interesting one as it’s not very practical to take huge TVs in one’s suitcase so that’s something we’ll be picking up once we’re there.

I’m not sure what to feel now that it’s nearly time for the demo to head out into the world. As I’m unexpectedly going to E3 everything seems a lot more real, and I am excited and anxious in equal measures. I’m also hoping to find time to take a look at what other companies are doing with VR. It sounds like there will be some really interesting things on show, and I plan to don a few headsets and get my toes wet.

Have fun hearing everything that gets revealed about our project, plus all the other E3 news and announcements, and once the dust has settled, rest assured we’ll be working hard to finish what we intend to be a great VR game for you to enjoy.



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