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Working with Virtual Worlds: nDreams Dev Diary #8

As we arrive at the concluding part of this series of development diaries from nDreams, the veil has been lifted. By now all regular readers of VRFocus will be well aware of the reveal of the project this series has been discussing, The Assembly, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) earlier this year. This final instalment offers unique insight into the world of a development studio revealed their project for the very first time.

nDreams made The Assembly playable to the videogames industry media at E3 and you can read VRFocus‘ hands-on preview right here. Below follows the final development diary, verbatim from Senior Designer Jackie Tetley, and VRFocus will be sure to keep you updated with all the latest details on this promising Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus videogame.



Jackie Tetley, nDreams: Welcome to the mysterious and secretive group known as The Assembly. An eclectic collection of scientists, engineers, historians and specialists united in their search for the truth – whatever the cost…

E3 is over and I was blown away by the enthusiasm and interest generated by the trailer and demo for our VR adventure game The Assembly. We had virtually non-stop meetings, sometimes two at a time, where we introduced journalists and others to the world of The Assembly.  Hopefully you’ve heard a bit about the game by now, but if not, I suggest whetting your appetite with a visit to our dedicated website.

I am still recovering from the hectic whirlwind of the show combined with the joy of jet lag. We eventually finalised a build late Friday afternoon prior to departure, at which point I was in dire need of a lie down.

We flew out to LA the next morning, and had a few days to acclimatise with a meeting or two and getting our stand set up. There was also a tense moment reconnecting all the equipment and hoping nothing had been damaged on the flight out – luckily everything was fine.

From the time the show doors opened on Tuesday we were swamped, and only managed to snatch the odd break to look wistfully at the long queues around the stands in the main halls. I was only able to try out two other titles while I was there, both using VR and both great (Alien: Isolation and EVE: Valkyrie) but it was wonderful to see the amazing VR presence at the show and witness the immense popularity of the technology.

Now back in the office, I’ve been catching up with the developments that have occurred with the main game in my absence.  There is still a lot to do, but things are proceeding well and it’s great to see the game slowly coming together.

We’ll be revealing more about The Assembly over the coming months, so I hope you’ll keep an eye on our progress as we head inexorably towards launch!

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