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4PM Developer Talks Interactive Drama, Oculus Rift & VR Design [UPDATED]

The highly anticipated indie adventure videogame, 4PM, is due to launch later this week. Having been made playable on Oculus Rift during it’s development cycle, developer Bojan BrBora has made his intentions to support virtual reality (VR) with 4PM perfectly clear. However, this support will come later, as revealed by BrBora in an interview with VRFocus.

4PM is an ‘interactive drama’ which takes it’s cues from the point-n’-click adventure genre. The player takes on the role of Caroline Wells as she struggles to face her mundane life after one particularly heavy night on the town. In this, players will face decisions that will affect the outcome of their adventure, with BrBora revealing that there are three possible endings to 4PM. This, and more information on the forthcoming Oculus Rift support for the videogame, are discussed in the interview below. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on 4PM and other VR titles coming from BrBora.

UPDATE: Since the publication of this article Brbora has contacted VRFocus and requested that we reiterate that the Oculus Rift edition of 4PM is a potential release and is not a guaranteed product. Please refer to VRFocusprevious coverage of this release for more information.

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