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4PM Oculus Rift Edition Aiming to Follow Traditional Monitor Version

This month sees the release of 4PM, a new first-person experience from National Film & Television School (NFTS) graduate Bojan BrBora. VRFocus has recently reported on the Oculus Rift edition of the videogame, which BrBora is aiming to release following the traditional monitor-based version, set to arrive next Wednesday, 9th July 2014.

4PM casts the player as Catherine Wells as she embarks on an adventure that might well change her life forever. The videogame takes place in a single day, with Wells waking up from a self-induced stupor and realising that she is dissatisfied with her hum-drum life. A dull job, a city unaware and uncaring towards her existence, and the only relief induced by intoxication. Today sees her suffering from memory loss due to this self-prescribed anti-depressant, and retracing her steps of the previous evening with an eventful outcome.


The initial release of 4PM, due next week, will be compatible with traditional 2D monitors only. However, BrBora confirmed to VRFocus that an Oculus Rift edition is intended to follow.

“It is my intention to adapt 4PM to VR post release, whether this will actually happen depends on how it is received post Steam release and whether there is enough money to continue working on it and do a true VR port, or having to focus on a new project (which will be VR from the start).” Teased BrBora in conversation with VRFocus. “So the motivation and will is there, but I can’t promise anything yet.”

BrBora has previously suggested that the aim would be to make Oculus Rift compatibility as easy as selecting an option from the videogame’s main menu. No timeframe has been given for the update, but VRFocus will bring you an interview with BrBora soon and keep you updated with all the latest details on 4PM.

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