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Aliens, Trolls & Dragons Story & Gameplay Details Revealed

Indie developer Kubold revealed the forthcoming Aliens, Trolls & Dragons back in May of this year, and following that has been relatively quiet. Until now that is, when the developer contacted VRFocus with fresh details on the plot, the gameplay and the intended delivery of the videogame this autumn.

Aliens, Trolls & Dragons will be distributed episodically for both Windows PC and Mac formats. The videogame is a third-person action experience and will be compatible with the Oculus Rift as standard, thanks to a native solution offered by the Unity engine.


“The first episode of Aliens, Trolls & Dragons will be a prelude to events happening after a crash landing on an alien planet,” stated Jakub Kisiel in his direct communication with VRFocus. “His new mission now is to figure out why did his dropship crashed, what happened to the rest of the crew and how to get out of this planet.”

The first instalment of Aliens, Trolls & Dragons will introduce the videogame’s sword fighting system, which according to Kisiel is based on reflexes and timing. Aliens, Trolls & Dragons will also incorporate shooting mechanics and mix the two in single encounters.

“Further into the story, main protagonist John Knap will be equipped with high-tech gadgets that will help him to survive and give him a chance to rescue the rest of his team. Augmented Reality tactical glasses, Paralyzer gun and remote controlled micro-drones are just a beginning.” Offers Kisiel, keen to promote the combat aspect of the videogame.


Aliens, Trolls & Dragons takes place on a medieval-like planet in the near future. You play as Knap, a soldier armed with sci-fi tech, fighting medieval aliens and monsters. Aliens, Trolls & Dragons is currently expected to launch this autumn and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details.

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