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Avegant Talk Glyph: Movies, Music & Virtual Reality

The Avegant Glyph shot to fame with a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign that saw the company raise in excess of $1.5 million USD, despite the original funding goal being just $250,000. That success has not been left to wilt, with Avegant assuring that the Glyph will offer a high quality multimedia player experience. VRFocus recently spoke with Grant Martin, Head of Marketing at Avegant, to find out exactly how the company will deliver on that promise.

The Glyph is a mobile device design primarily for video and audio. However, a head-tracking solution is included to allow for virtual reality (VR) experiences and videogames also. This kind of versatility makes the Glyph a new category in the field of head-mounted displays (HMDs), as while most can do one or two very few can do all three. Even fewer when you consider how competent each would be at this combination of different media. The interview below explains just how the Glyph will deliver high quality multimedia through a single device, and VRFocus will bring you a hands-on report very soon indeed.

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